There’s some truth in the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” UAE is home to some really beautiful cafes. I am often asked if I visit every coffee shop out there. I don’t find the need to because some seem like repetition, from the concept to the interior design, the coffee bar to the drinks. It’s a replication of each other where originality ceases to exist and superficiality is the norm.

In a world where doppelgängers subsist, what are the odds that a specialty cafe and a coffee magazine share the same name. It‘s not entirely impossible that a coincidence like this can exist but to satisfy the Chief Editor of FLTR aesthetically has only one requirement: no overt display of ostentatiousness. He was in nod of the interiors of the newly opened coffee shop.

Coffee is paired with cars, bikes, tech, viennoiseries, but FLTR’s approach is a little different. A space where 3D printed design and specialty coffee is merged. It’s not a prop, these thick blocks of concrete function as the coffee bar, table and back rest.

The stunning mid-green backdrop emulate mangroves growing on the saline coasts of UAE. The color is also customized into the terrazo countertop accentuating the employment of different textures within the natural space.

It’s the small things from the 3D printed logo in the front making passers-by ruminate the vowelless word into an unknown acronym. The reality showcasing FLTR’s specialization in filter coffee. Shady, head barista, was quick to suggest the customer favorites. But If you ask me, you cannot go wrong with an iced V60. Just make sure you opt for a Geisha.

If you thought the cafe design elements were sought-after, the decision on the coffee menu was anything but capricious. The coffee in the grinders are topped with The Espresso Lab. This Dubai born artisan roastery is founded by Ibrahim Al Mallouhi, Emirati entrepreneur, who was also recently crowned the UAE Brewer Cup Champion. A testament to the fact that you’ll treat your tastebuds to some of the finest coffees available locally.

It doesn’t end there, the culinary grade matcha paired with coconut milk is a feel-good beverage packed with antioxidants. The flaky viennoiseries are made in-house, and consuming one raspberry tart is not enough. There’s something for everyone here, satisfying the stickler and the sweet tooth.

Find out how a new specialty coffeeshop in Dubai combines specialty coffee and 3d printing.

FLTR is currently in its soft opening phase, nestled in the heart of Mirdif functioning as a third space by day and a sociocultural hangout spot by evening. Visit it here.