Dads don’t get the respect they deserve. In every study I’ve found, Father’s Day doesn’t even crack the Top 5 in terms of the world’s most celebrated holidays. For perspective, Mother’s Day usually comes in at 5. And when we do give him a gift, we don’t really make an effort. Of all the gifts possible, “outings” are the most popular for dear old dad on Father’s Day.

As a father of two 5 year olds, I feel it’s my duty to change this before they’re old enough to consider gifts for me. So here are the top 5 gifts I recommend you buy dad. Assuming you’ve at least made the effort to find out if he likes coffee.

By the way, Father’s Day is on Wednesday, 21 June 2023. But you knew that, right?

If he’s a busy guy

You ought to show your old man more love than buying him a mass market coffee capsule machine. Get him one made for specialty coffee. And your only option today is the Morning. It’s the new standard, the only standard, for brewing specialty coffee at home in a convenient, compact, award-winning package. Your old man will enjoy pre-infusion, calibrating temperature, pressure profiles and choosing his preferred water-to-coffee ratio. And if he’s too busy for even that, the Morning comes pre-programmed with recipes developed by the country’s finest specialty coffee roasters. Which he can access from a smartphone app.

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Let professionals teach him to make coffee

Founded in Dubai in 2016, Cypher Urban Roastery, is one of the country’s leading specialty coffee roasters. I have a good friend who considers them, without a doubt, to be the best in the UAE. We included them in our list of the Top 7 specialty coffee roasters in Dubai.

They offer a myriad of classes which dad can attend to fine-tune his coffee making skills. Including SCA and CQI preparation as well as custom courses offered through the Cypher School of Coffee.

Choose from the extensive list here.

So he’s an espresso guy?

ECM have been hand-building espresso machines for 25 years now. Do any Google and YouTube search and you’ll find professionals and enthusiasts are unanimous about a few things on the ECM machines: the user-friendliness, the craftmanship, the quality of the materials and the durability. Your dad won’t break these.

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Introduce your dad to state-of-the-art brewing technology

Volatile aroma compounds are responsible for the delightful scents that we associate with freshly brewed coffee. These compounds interact with our sense of smell, influencing our perception of flavors. By adding a quick chilling to the brewing process, a greater amount of these volatile compounds is extracted from the coffee beans, resulting in a more pronounced and intricate flavor profile. As a result, coffee brewed using the chilled extraction technique often exhibits vibrant and distinct flavors, including heightened sweetness, fruity or floral notes, and a subtle acidity.

An extensive 2 year research and development project lead by Sasa Sestic, the 2015 World Barista Champion, resulted in The Paragon. A breakthrough brewing technology that retains an unprecedented 40% more aroma volatile compounds.

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If you must do an outing

You’ll be forgiven for taking dad on an “outing” if it’s to Tyler’s Tavern.

Nestled in Port Rashid, Dubai’s oldest harbour, Tyler’s is a fantastic 10,000sqft. space with an open bar, a huge 18sqm LED screen and free-to-play pool, darts and foosball. Dad can dig into everything from delicious Josper charcoal-grilled steaks, pizzas and gourmet burgers to oven-fresh cheese balls, traditional fish ‘n’ chips and more. End the evening with specialty coffee from the owner’s roastery, Specialty Batch.

It’s what your dad deserves.

Any one of these gifts will be better than a pair of socks.