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This is what your mornings have been missing

The global coffee capsules market size reached US$ 25.9 Billion in 2022. It’s projected to grow to US$ 39.9 Billion by 2028. That is a CAGR of 7.3%. We have an insatiable demand for coffee. In this case, I think those figures are testament to our insatiable demand for convenience.

Coffee capsules are easy. Easy to find. Easy to use. Easy to recommend.

But as consumers are increasingly becoming more knowledgeable about coffee, they see the gaps in the traditional coffee capsule offerings.

Limited Coffee Variety

Traditional capsule coffee machines come with a glaring downside in terms of coffee variety. Most of the capsules on the market today are proprietary. Meaning you are limited to the coffee blends and flavors offered by one specific brand. Usually the maker of the machine.

Specialty coffee, however, is all about exploring the vast spectrum of tastes, aromas, and origins. Traditional capsule machines often fail to provide the diverse options available in the broader world of coffee.

Lack of Customization

The thing we specialty coffee advocates like to do is experiment. To fine-tune. Customise the variables like water temperature, pressure, and brew time to suit our tastes. We love all of that. In fact, we demand all of that. And we feel robbed when we’re not allowed to play like that. Which is why we don’t buy traditional coffee capsule machines.

It’s not specialty coffee

The capsules you buy at the grocery store are not specialty coffee capsules. Specialty coffee is a term used to describe coffee that meets certain quality criteria and is often associated with exceptional flavors, unique origins, and a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. Specialty coffee beans are carefully selected, meticulously roasted, and brewed to highlight their distinctive flavor profiles.

Traditional coffee capsules, while known for their convenience and consistent quality, do not necessarily align with the traditional definition of specialty coffee. Those capsules often contain blends that prioritize uniformity and ease of use, aiming for a consistent taste with each cup that can result in a more standardized flavor profile, which may not showcase the unique characteristics of single-origin beans.

Which is why true specialty coffee afficionados have stayed away from coffee capsules.

Until now.

When Leon met Bowen

Leon Foo, a veteran of the coffee industry, has been championing specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia since 2009. While in Taiwan, he crossed paths with Bowen, who was running his family’s manufacturing business, handling projects for prominent precision coffee equipment producers like Acacia.

Leon shared an idea with Bowen. A specialty coffee capsule machine. One that would offer the convenience of a capsule machine, with the added advantages of allowing the user to experiment with variables. He was so compelled by Leon’s vision and the business’s unique proposition that Bowen decided to join him on his journey.

The Morning was born.

Team work makes the dream work

The two turned out to be a dream team. A fanatical obsession for all things coffee, and a passion for innovation and technology resulted in 3,000 machines sold in 25 countries.

The Morning is a game-changer – not only because independent roasters and baristas in those 25 countries now have a consistent and reliable way to reach a wider audience with their specialty coffee, but also because coffee-lovers at any level of expertise can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee. Specialty coffee.

Innovation beautifully packaged

Specialty coffee afficionados know that a higher brewing temperature yields a more bitter taste, while cooler temperatures result in greater acidity. The Morning Machine offers PID temperature control that allows you to brew anywhere between 65 to 98°C, so you can create the perfect cup of coffee according to your personal taste. That’s a noteworthy innovation when you consider that traditional machines tend to go only to 86°C (sacrilege when we know that the optimal temperature for a standard espresso is between 90 and 96°C).

Add to that a pressure profiler that controls the pressure of the water for different tastes, a built-in scale that ensures the perfect ratio of espresso to cream, a built-in water meter that alerts when water is too mineral-heavy, and an automated cleaning cycle that does the wash for you.

My favorite feature?  The world’s best specialty coffee roasters have partnered with Morning to provide their coffee in pods. But that’s not my favorite feature. My favorite feature is that those roasters have created brew recipe profiles specifically to be brewed on  the Morning Machine. Which you can access via the Morning app for your iOS or Android device. So all you have to do is choose your pod, select its brew recipe via the app and the roaster recipe will predetermine the optimum temperature, pressure and extraction time settings to make that pod deliver a brew exactly as the roaster intended. 

Mind. Blown.

Your mornings deserve Morning. Available now at Brewing Gadgets.

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