When Teible launched, the PR described it as an “artisanal bakery and restaurant” that prides itself in sourcing ingredients locally. I was excited to try it.

My first visit was for an interview with Daniel Sibomana, better known as @dan-coffeeroaster. We had a fantastic conversation about coffee farmers. Specifically what it takes to make a real impact in their lives. It’s a good read – Dan doesn’t hold back – check it out.

The breakfast was so good I knew I’d be back to sample the rest of the menu. So, when the next Date Night with the wife presented itself, I booked us a table for dinner. Again, a fantastic experience. I needed to know more. Executive Chef, “Carlos” Frunze De Garza Turgaev made some time available.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is “Carlos” Frunze De Garza Turgaev.

How long have you been in the UAE?

Since 1996. Bounced in and out of the country for studies and work, but eventually settled in.

Tell us more about Teible.

Teible is very much both an emotional and intellectual experience. We are a local, seasonal dining concept. The first of its kind here in the UAE. We make use of only ethically sourced products from dedicated local farms. Every dish is accompanied by a story card, different people experiences, tales and inspiration.

If I were to classify it, I’d say Teible is all about natural and unconventional dishes. Not to be boxed in one particular category. And true to the current pulse of this generation where everything is multicultural and globalized. It’s the home of renegade cuisine, the creative, the modern nomad.

Source: Teible

Who inspired you to become a chef?

My grandfather who was an executive chef in one of the restaurants in Moscow during the Soviet period. He inspired me to pursue this path and put the love of fermentation in me.

Next is my wife. She believed in me and inspired me to chase my dreams when no one else saw the potential at the time.

What does the future of restaurants in the UAE look like?

Here in the UAE, we are growing at a rapid pace especially when it comes to hospitality and tourism. So much has been achieved and developed within a span of just a few years. We can see how the food culture within the country is changing.

10 years ago we were chasing foreign brands and opening their branches. But now, we see a big surge of homegrown restaurants and concepts that are more than able to compete on an international scale. With the Michelin Guide and the World’s 50 Best’s arrival, this has opened so much doors in terms of creativity and motivates passionate chefs like me even further.

How do you spend your private time?

Good question. Besides sleeping, I like driving out of town with my wife to discover places and try food. I also read a lot. Anything from cooking and fermentation, to memoirs and strategy. Other than our 2 cats, I like spending time with animals when I get the chance. This relaxes me.

Source: Teible

You’ll find Teible at: Jameel Arts Center, Ground Floor, Jaddaf Waterfont, Dubai

I recommend you make a booking. Contact them at info@teible.com, +971 4 243 6683

Have you visited Teible? What’s your favorite restaurant in the UAE?