After a 3 year hiatus, the World of Coffee is back with an in-person event in Milan, the birthplace of espresso.

The World of Coffee (WOC) has for years been the premier event for the coffee industry to gather, talk shop and discuss the future of Specialty Coffee. This year they are gathering at MiCo Milano Convention Centre in Milan, Italy, between 23 and 25 June, to host more than 200 exhibitors.

Here’s what we can look forward to.

Source: World of Coffee

Cupping Rooms

Businesses can hire a space in the Cupping Room area to present their coffees to a select group of customers and tasters. This has always been a very busy part of the WoC. And this year will be no different. Best of all, the tastings are open to the public.

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Roasters Village

This is where micro-roasters meet customers to roast, brew and taste. Typically, it’s an area where one can review the latest trends in sourcing, handling, brewing and distribution. And this year it will be very busy with a plethora of participants. Including our very own Archers, Mattina, Seven Fortunes, Earth Roastery & Cascara.

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SCA Lecture Series

WoC is always a place of learning. This year, like previous years, WoC will welcome industry-respected experts who inspire, educate, and motivate coffee professionals. An exciting series of lectures are planned for the Milan event. The topics range from Sustainability, to Water, to Career Development, to the Business of coffee.

Click here to see the complete series of confirmed lectures.

Source: World of Coffee

Green Coffee Buyers & Sellers Program

Covid-19 put a strain on the ability of Buyers and Sellers of Green Coffee to connect. This year’s event will host a program for those parties to re-connect and, perhaps more importantly, to connect for the first time.

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For the first time at World of Coffee, visitors can attend classroom sessions on topics like Roasting Business Fundamentals, Marketing Green Coffee, Designing a Customer Service Training Program, the Fundamentals of Green Coffee Buying and Understanding the Flavor Wheel.

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World Coffee Championships

Perhaps the most exciting part of the event is the World Coffee Championships. And this year, WoC will host no less than five: the 2022 World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, World Cup Tasters Championship, World Coffee Roasting Championship, and Cezve/Ibrik Championship.

The UAE will be represented by Micheala Ruazol-Recera in the Cezve/Ibrik Championship, and Sulaiman Alalawi in the World Cup Tasters Championship. Good luck champs!

If you’re not in Milan but want to be part of the fun, you can live stream the event here.

Without a doubt, an event like this would not be possible without the support of generous sponsors. And this year, our very own Brewing Gadgets is one of them. Thank you for making WoC possible.

For more, go to the event website. Or download the event app if you’re on the move.