Coffee is symbolic as the starter pack for all types of people when it comes to waking up, getting your day started and getting your work done. It’s an indication of energy, alertness, and the symbol on a Mercedes Benz’ Attention Assist System. Big surprise; I have a steaming mug of Java next to me as I write this article.

But sometimes it is not just its consumption that stimulates our bodies. The smell, the image and the mouthfeel of anything coffee-related has become one of the most marketable and widespread concepts across the world.

Could it be that we are making the most out of the culture infused behind the feeling of caffeine, or have companies figured out that coffee is universally in our minds as one of the best ways of being awake and alive? This article will explore the phenomena of just how present the concept of coffee is everywhere outside of the cup.

“Don’t talk to me without my morning…”

Turn on any news channel at 9am, and notice the first things you see sitting comfortably with the newsreaders. Coffee mugs are the prop of choice in any news agency and visualize the morning routine for all the viewers. Coffee ‘hours’ are dedicated times where broadcasters refresh the viewer on the latest updates and stories. Sports broadcasters and associations have already linked coffee with the feeling of activity and exercise. This is evidenced in multi-million-dollar partnerships between coffee roasters and Formula 1, MLB and the NBA.

Moving away from the screen; let’s take a walk to your local coffee shop and count the number of laptops you might see. Coworking spaces and cafes go hand-in-hand; whether it be to brush up on your next novel, resume, group meeting or school project. The ‘Coffee shop’ effect is a phenomenon that boosts the productivity of remote workers and individuals. The ambience of caffeine in its natural habitat builds a placebo effect on people who have long associated drinking coffee with managing tasks.

The sights, sounds and scents of your local roaster can often give you a calming atmosphere to build focus and attentiveness for your task at hand. It’s no wonder the workers of Gen Y and Z are utilizing remote jobs and their favorite cafés to their full advantage. It’s also why the specialty coffee industry is projected at US$201.4 billion in the post-covid era. We know what it stands for and we know what it makes us do. Coffee is not just a beverage, but an act of continuity and efficiency. It’s an evolving idea that needs no context.

Magic beans

Google will tell you there are 40-50 different ways to include coffee in your favorite breakfast dessert. If eating it is not what you’re looking for; there are 6-9 ways you can apply it to your skin as a scrub, shampoo, bodywash, etc. guaranteed to ‘activate’ your skin and pores. Additionally, the beauty product industry in just coffee alone was valued at US$590.1 million in 2018. Have we truly found the magic beans we were looking for? Or is coffee simply one of the most marketable concepts to infuse into our daily lives? It’s no surprise that the flavor profile and scent is widespread across the retail and consumer market. It’s an item that will continue to remain versatile and consumed in more ways that we can think of. 

We like how it feels, tastes, smells and have even gone as far as defined it as a color pattern for home décor, clothing and footwear. In popular media, the image of coffee shops being a meeting point for characters has been prevalent for years. Shows like Friends, Seinfeld and Twin Peaks have countless scenes of drama, comedy and dialogue taking place at a coffee table. We simply can’t help but associate human nature with drinking a ‘Damn Fine Cup of Coffee’.


We may not know for sure how much of this phenomenon is embedded because of how it makes us feel, and why there may be a subconscious part of us that enjoys coffee in any form we can have it. We do have a pretty good guess that it is here to stay, beyond just being served on a plate.

Coffee has battled the test of time to cement itself into our culture and societies. It’s for more than just helping you get out of bed; it can be present in all shapes and sizes and offers a whole new world of living.