The Superkop Espresso Machine is not just an espresso maker; it’s an embodiment of simplicity, elegance, and sustainability.

Crafted with a passion for coffee and a commitment to eco-consciousness by Geert Kaal and Sabine Palinckx, this manual espresso machine is a work of art that redefines the essence of coffee brewing.

Design and Elegance Built to Last

The Superkop is more than just a coffee maker; it’s a design masterpiece that beautifully marries form and function. Its sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen countertop, and it’s available in three captivating colors – black, white, and red.

Meticulously crafted with precision, the Superkop is a harmonious blend of materials that ensures longevity while maintaining a focus on environmental consciousness. Its outer shell is made of aluminum with a durable powder-coated finish, exuding a sense of rugged elegance. The inner components are constructed from robust steel, assuring the machine’s durability. The lever and portafilter, fashioned from polished stainless steel, not only look exquisite but also adhere to industry standards. The dedicated water cup is made from durable polycarbonate material, known for its ability to efficiently maintain hot water temperature without preheating.

It’s a design that’s raised the right eyebrows. Superkop recently we won the FoodBev Media Innovation Award and the international Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) award in the category ‘Best of the Best’ for sustainability and design. And Time Magazine called it one of the Top 200 inventions of 2023.

An Engineering Marvel

Manual espresso makers are not new. But what sets the Superkop apart from other manual espresso machines is its unique ratcheting mechanism in the handle that keeps the pressure constant as you raise and lower the pump. Pressure is regulated by the speed of your pumping, and this, combined with the volume of beans and how finely you grind them, are the tools you have to control the finished result. To craft a double espresso with the Superkop, you only need 18g of finely ground coffee, 60ml of 95°C water, and a 25–30-second extraction.

A Journey of Brewing Excellence

Mastering the Superkop is a delightful journey. While it is designed for simplicity, it also offers a wide range of brewing possibilities. Whether you prefer lattes, flat whites, macchiatos, or traditional espressos, the Superkop consistently delivers exceptional performance. The key to unlocking its versatility lies in experimentation with various factors, including grind sizes, coffee doses, and water temperatures.

For example, if you are a fan of iced coffee, like the popular freddo cappuccino, you can tailor your grind size to your preference. The Comandante – C40 MK4 Nitro Blade is an excellent choice for achieving the desired grind. Pair it with the NanoFoamer V2 by Subminimal for frothing the milk. With some experimentation, you can find the perfect grind size, coffee dose, and water temperature to create your signature iced coffee.

Maintenance, Cleaning, and Accessories

Like all espresso machines, proper maintenance is essential to ensure the Superkop operates smoothly. Unlike all espresso machines, cleaning the Superkop is straightforward. The portafilter can be easily cleaned with hot water. If you prefer a more convenient option, you can place it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleanse. The drip tray and grid are also easy to clean, and they can go through the dishwasher as well.

The water cup, constructed from durable polycarbonate material, necessitates a gentle touch. A soft cloth and hot water will suffice to keep it clean. However, it’s important to note that the Superkop manual explicitly advises against disassembling or placing the bottom part of the water cup in the dishwasher.

In terms of accessories, the Superkop offers a range of options to enhance your coffee experience. You can opt for a wall set and a microfiber towel, which add convenience and functionality to your coffee setup. Moreover, Superkop provides the opportunity to purchase extra portafilters, water cups, drip trays, and filter baskets, ensuring you have everything you need for seamless coffee-making. For the future, Superkop plans to introduce a selection of barista tools and accessories, including a tamper, knockbox, and dosing cup, to cater to the more seasoned baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

A Sustainable Choice

Sustainability is a core principle of the Superkop Espresso Machine, reflecting a commitment to a more environmentally friendly coffee culture. Priced at approximately $800 USD, this espresso machine is not just an investment in exceptional coffee but also a sustainable choice for those seeking to minimize their ecological footprint.

The Superkop even comes with a sustainably harvested rubber-wood board, adding to the aesthetics while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability. This choice of material is not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious, aligning with the values of sustainability that Superkop holds dear.

The Superkop Espresso Machine is not just another coffee maker; it’s a testament to the allure of analog, mechanical solutions in a world often dominated by digital complexity. It redefines the art of brewing with its elegant design, simplicity, and commitment to sustainability.

Whether you’re a coffee novice or a seasoned barista, the Superkop will help you create exceptional coffee with ease. With its unique 1:40 displacement mechanism, you can consistently brew the perfect shot of espresso. And if you’re looking to explore and experiment with different coffee styles, the Superkop’s versatility will allow you to craft your own coffee masterpieces.

It’s an investment in exceptional coffee and a contribution to a more sustainable coffee culture. And that’s an investment worth making.