In a recent interview for Brewing Gadgets with the current UAE National Brewers Cup Champion, David Dissuanco, he mentioned Softer Volumes.

I can’t describe their work any better than they do:

Softer Volumes aims to enhance the lives of those who appreciate quality over quantity and a balanced lifestyle. With a discerning approach, the publication acts as a premium discovery platform, showcasing inspiring spaces, destinations and objects, and the creative individuals behind the designs.

Source: VSHD Design

I knew I was home.

They’ve just launched a hard cover book on Cafés. The book features more than 100 coffeeshops in over 70 cities worldwide. Featuring 5 from the United Arab Emirates. With beautiful photography from, amongst many others, The Oculis Project and Pauline & David.

Their choices are spot on.

Source: VSHD Design

I won’t spoil it for you. So if you’d like to see who made the cut, you can order their hard cover online. Which is sold out (at the time of writing this article) but there is a PDF download.

If you can’t wait that long, this article will give you a clue.

Thanks for introducing me to Softer Volumes, David.

Source: VSHD Design

Images of Orijins by the award-winning studio that designed the space, VSHD.

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