It is rare to find a public space where we can feel completely at ease, especially in a city crowded, hectic and noisy as Dubai. This is exactly what happens at Orijins: shapes, materials and design join together, creating the perfect environment that resembles an oasis of peace, as if it were there, just waiting for us. 

We are in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), one of Dubai’s hubs, overlooking the main busy road. As soon as we enter, the first feeling is definitely hospitality. We are soon overwhelmed by colors, scents and sounds that make up this venue. 

Surrounded by a neutral, opaque color palette that brings thoughts back to the elements of the sea, such as sand, shells and rocks, Orijins draws inspiration from the imperfect forms of nature. That’s right, the exquisite forms of nature have always inspired architecture and design, resulting in beautiful and unique lines that become the stars of the space.

Here, in fact, is exactly what happens: the counters have irregular and solid shapes, as if they were tall rocks facing the sea, which contrast instead with the very thin and bright lines of the metal, creating the perfect harmony and a delicate game of solids and voids. 

Marble and gray stone become the coffee counters, immediately in front of the entrance. Light plays a key role within the space: from the large windows on the facade, the sun’s rays reach the plastered walls, generating a warmer and more cozy palette. After sunset, light is provided by bright LEDs that follow the fine lines of the fittings. 

The deep cut of the ceiling, on the other hand, is the center of attention: it creates a slight arc, inviting visitors to enter, capturing their attention and curiosity. These small but strong details highlight shapes and proportions, allowing deep and personal contemplation of the spaces.

The architectural firm VSHD, which created this marvelous architectural sculpture, succeeds through the use of original materials and neutral colors to evoke pleasant and delicate emotions in anyone who passes by there, inviting to stop for coffee and discover a new and special place. The seven blocks of light-colored marble, spreading over 105 square meters, are designed by hand and cut by automated CNC machines, presenting soft, beveled edges. The polished concrete walls and floors are the work of Matteo Brioni, the Italian company that brings the materials to life by creating these unique colors simply from the earth. The complete fit out is curated by The Collectional, the Dubai-based gallery that collaborates with top international designers. The result is stunning, creating a magical and sophisticated place. The seating concept is also exceptional: no bar tables and uncomfortable seats. Coffee should be enjoyed on leather sofas, large armchairs, and wooden tables. 

In Orijins, every objects is a piece of design, as if it is a creation to be admired in an art museum. Everything is in its right place, no one element overpowers the other, and minimalism is the guiding spirit of the venue. You don’t need to abound to create a place to remember, but sometimes. you just need to think about functionality and simple aesthetics to make a place unique. The atmosphere within the space, in short, offers the opportunity to enjoy a good coffee, giving a moment of pause to all our senses.