I’ve said it maybe a thousand times now: the best thing about my coffee journey is the people I meet along the way. Like Estella.

Estella is the head roaster at Deep Cafe & Roastery. And, given that I see her everywhere, a huge supporter of the local specialty coffee industry.

Let’s get to know her.

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Estella Zuleta Carmona. I was born in Colombia. In Andes, Antioquia to be exact. And I’ve been in the UAE for almost 5 years now.

Tell us more about what you do and your approach to the work.

I give classes on how to prepare coffee from beginners to professionals, advising new coffee shops in the construction of their menu, quality control, and also cleaning, repairing and installing coffee machines and grinders.

My philosophy is simple: loving what you do makes you enjoy what you work on and will always make it better and of the best quality. And I really love what I do.

My advice is always: be ethical and take the responsibility of always giving customers quality and customer satisfaction.

Source: Estella Zuleta Carmona

What’s your earliest coffee memory?

My first memory of coffee is having it with my mother in the mornings. She made me curious about coffee and tasting notes. I’ve never enjoyed sugar in my coffee so I was always trying to define the different tasting notes.

What’s your opinion on the future of specialty coffee in the UAE?

Specialty coffee has taken off in the UAE. There’s more and more investment from coffee owners and roasters and more curiosity to find the best investments in coffee. The concept of quality has evolved and people are even travelling to the origin.

Consumer demand is also rising. Where I work we’re selling approximately 150 V60s a day. And although sweet coffee is still the preference, a lot of customers are asking for more exotic coffees. So the customer palate is also evolving. And in turn we see increased demand.

The future of the UAE importing, roasting and preparing coffee by bringing in the best professionals has made the Emirates a powerhouse for specialty coffee.

Source: Estella Zuleta Carmona

What do you do in your private time?

I enjoy reading, going to the beach, listening to the sound of the waves, taking pictures. I have become a calmer, less public person. I think the most important time I spend privately is the thinking I do about future investments in myself. Because it’s my dreams that motivate me.

Anything else our readers should know?

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